Photography has always been an interest of mine. One day I decided not to conform to the socially expected 9-5, thus embarking on a highly competitive career path with no qualifications, blind optimism and sheer determination. Thankfully, everything I've thrown into my work has paid off, somehow enabling me to do what I love the most as an actual job, proving that no qualifications, blind optimism and sheer determination can be enough to lay your own path in life as opposed to five Cs and a good reference from careers guidance. 


I love to meet people, and I love to create. I draw great satisfaction and pleasure from working in a medium I so obsessively love, fine-tuning every aspect of what I do until I've delivered everything I can. Creative work is a constant lesson and there is no to limit how far you can go with it; it's very humbling to know that this is a never-ending learning experience. I will never tire of photography, travel, and meeting new people, and I am incredibly fortunate that my career enables me to do all of these things.


Throughout my career I’ve worked in a wide variety of customer service settings and present comfortably and confidently in front of clients. My work so far has taken me all over the world and I dont plan on stopping yet. I work with all sorts of people and companies, from shooting kitsch little weddings in beautiful settings to touring with bands for weeks on end to providing photography and videography for corporate clients. Variety is what makes this job interesting; I never know if I'm going to be signing confidential paperwork with big companies or hiking up a mountain at 4am to get the perfect lighting for a clothing brand I'm shooting. This makes my work that much more personal - every job is an adventure or a new experience. No two shoots are the same. I'm able to enjoy every aspect of my career which shows in the results I produce.

Clients including: